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  • Sneaky Brand
    PHP 790.00 63In Stock
    COLOR: N/A - Sneaky Proof - Performance Protector and Waterproof Spray Sneaky Proof Performance Protector Spray is a premium nano protector spray acting against rain, stains, and water for hats, shoes, accessories and clothing.
  • Sneaky Brand
    PHP 390.00 49In Stock
    COLOR: N/A - Sneaky Trees - Shoe and Trainer Tree Stretchers Sneaky Trees will keep your shoes and trainers straight and crease free and the unique design allows for maximum circulation and air flow inside your shoe.
  • Sneaky Brand
    PHP 590.00 93In Stock
    COLOR: N/A - Shoe and Trainer Cleaner The direct to shoe applicator creates a self foaming cleaning solution meaning there is no requirement for mixing bowels or water.
  • Sneaky Brand
    PHP 390.00 80In Stock
    COLOR: N/A - Sneaky Eraser - Suede Nubuck and Mid Sole Cleaning Kit Sneaky Eraser is ideal for cleaning suede, nubuck and even rubber soles/toe caps.
  • Sneaky Brand
    PHP 490.00 75In Stock
    COLOR: N/A - Sneaky Wipes - Shoe and Trainer Cleaning Wipes Sneaky Wipes are premium dual sided shoe wipes for cleaning shoes, sneakers and trainers. Each wipe has one side of raised rubber dots to help remove and scrub out dirt. The other side is smooth which is for gentle cleaning and softer uppers.

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